About the Author: Dr. S. Mohammad FATEMI professor of physics at the University of Tehran was born in (Zanjan – IRAN 1923). He was through elementary and high school in his birthplace. After that he attended Tehran University, where, in 1943 earned his B.S. degree both in physics and chemistry. He was employed by Tehran University as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Science.
    In 1957, he participated on behalf of the same faculty in the radioisotopes course of Baghdad Pact Nuclear Center. 
    In 1958, being on leave from his teaching duties at the University of Tehran, he was granted a scientific mission, during which he studied about two years at (Geophysics Division of Coast and Geodetic Survey – U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington D.C.) and several observatories on east and west coast of the U.S.A.
    Meanwhile, he was in close connexion with the physics department of the university of Georgetown, Washington D.C. 
    Later, the author was granted another scientific mission, dealing with study and research at the University of PARIS where, in 1963 he received his PhD. degree in geophysics with (Mention très honorable, felicitation de jury). Then, he returned to Iran and continued to teach physics at the University of Tehran.
    Through the years 1976-1977, Dr. FATEMI was engaged again in research on «telluric currents» at geophysical Research center (C.R.G.)-(C.N.R.S.) in FRANCE, where he consequently issued some articles.
     In the year 1985, following forty – one years of scientific activities, he was retired by hi own free will. It happened in the course of these retirement years that he succeeded with bless of GOD to discover the everlasting and inseparable Miracle of the Holy Quran and compiled the book of «Aayat - Kobra».
     More than thirteen centuries the meaning of «لوّاﺣﺔ للبشر علیها ﭡﺳﻌﺔ عشر » (verse 29/ chapter 74/ Quran) was unknown. During this long period, the commentators have always shown some false and vague interpretations about this Word of God. Now, «Aayat - Kobra» presents the real and exact meaning of that verse:

« (the number) NINETEEN IS AN EVIDENCE »

    Twenty – nine chapters of the Holy Koran are initialed with some separate and meaningless letters like (A.L.M.), (A.L.R.), (T.S.M) . . . ect.
    The frequency of occurrence of these letters in their chapters constitutes a unique interlocking mathematical relationship based on the number NINETEEN. The design of this numerical Miracle is certainly beyond human ability.
    The Evidence coming in the form of an extremely intricate code proves that:

The QURAN has a divine source and is inspired by the Supreme Being, free from any doubt. Also, It is preserved in a perfect integrity ever since It was revealed.

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